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Fireproof doors

Safety and security are the main goal in the production of Fireproof doors. The doors have been tested according to the current European standards for fire resistance. We offer doors with fire resistance class EI2 60 and EI2 90, also confirmed by DG PBZN of the Ministry of Interior.

The wings of the doors are 58 mm thick, and the corner frame of the set allows the installation of all types of walls. The durability of the doors is guaranteed by the reached class for self-closing C 5 (200,000 cycles) according to EN1191.

DUK 1 offers fireproof doors by licensed manufacturers and importers. Distinctive features of the fire doors offered by DUK-1 are:
  • easy installation
  • functionality – choice of sliding doors or single-leaf or double-leaf hinged doors
  • selection of left / right opening for single-leaf doors during installation
  • wide choice of standard sizes or custom sizes
  • smoke-tight doors or self-closing with adjustable hinges or hydraulic automat
  • possibility to choose colors

Fireproof doors are made of sheets of steel sheet filled with fire-resistant insulating wool. The construction of the door is reinforced with metal profiles. Along the contour of the door closing, a profile made of smoke-sealing rubber is placed, which in case of fire ensures sealing of the closing and stopping of smoke. DUK 1 offers installation of fire resistant doors throughout Bulgaria.

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