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DUK 1 is official representative for automation of world leader SIMU France since year 2002.

Central motors for rolling shutters SIMU CENTRIS

SIMU CENTRIS motors are suitable for covering all automation needs of rolling shutters thanks to the many possibilities of combining power, shaft size and tube ring.

SIMU manufacturers have used the best materials and technologies to create the motor CENTRIS. It is a very reliable and durable motor, with a new steel plate attachment system, a safer brake with improved construction, strong materials, fully shielded cables and an adjustment system.

The rated power of the motor is guaranteed at all times during operation, until it is switched off due to possible overheating. In this way, the door will always be driven with the necessary effort and power level and the motor will never be overloaded.

Thanks to the fastening system created by SIMU, CENTRIS can be installed quickly. Only one opening and closing of the tape measure is required for adjustment.

The motors can be controlled by wire with a control switch or remotely with a control unit with a built-in remote receiver.

CENTRIS is equipped with a built-in release system that is connected directly to the gearbox. Thanks to the special pistol grip, this system allows the tape measure to always be able to be operated in manual mode comfortably and with minimal effort.

In order to verify and ensure a high level of quality, CENTRIS has been tested and certified to operate for more than ten thousand operating cycles. The number of cycles performed for a motor can be easily checked by the Hz control units on the SIMU.

The CENTRIS motorcycles ensure 100% compatibility with European standards.

Video instructions for mounting central motors CENTRIS and CENTRIS Hz on shafts 60mm and 76mm

Central motors with integrated radio control CENTRIS Hz

CENTRIS Hz motors are a suitable solution for automation of rolling shutters, which require a high level of security, there is a requirement to issue individual commands to control the directions or it is difficult to access the control unit. The motor has the following advantages over motors with an external control unit.
  • Quick installation and wireless control.
  • There is no control unit, switch or external receiver, nor wires next to them, therefore there is no need to drill the walls or install cable ducts.
  • Easy adjustment of the end positions, which is done from the remote. Just a few presses is all it takes, and you don’t need access to the motor.
  • Secure and reliable transmission of commands using a jump code (16 million possible combinations).
  • Intermediate position of the roller shutter: simply press the “stop” button and the door stands in a position selected by the customer, for example to indicate that the store will close.
  • Patented release system that acts directly on the motor and provides immediate release and effortless operation.
  • Guaranteed continuous operation at rated torque for the entire operating cycle, without loss of power.

Моторите CENTRIS Hz са достъпни с въртящи моменти от 75 CENTRIS Hz motors are available with torques of 75 Nm, 100 Nm and 140Nm. The motors are controlled by two types of remote controls – standard remote TSA + for central motors, with which the roller shutter is controlled in “step by step” mode (opening-stop-closing-stop) and remote COLOR + with three separate commands – Up, Stop, Downwards, with which the motor is controlled and also the end positions are adjusted.

Video instruction for adjustment of CENTRIS Hz central motors for 60 mm and 76 mm shafts

Tube motors T5, T6 and motors with built-in reducer for crank DMI5, DMI6

Created and patented by SIMU in 1959, tube motors are the most compact roller door drive solution on the automation market. Placed inside the roller shaft, the motor of this type significantly reduces the overall size of the system and the diameter of the roller when winding it.

Tube motors for rolling garage doors are 50 mm for T5 / DMI5 series motors and 60 mm for T6 / DMI6 series motors. The wide range of motors with different torques from 30Nm to 120Nm, allow the operation of all sizes of rolling garage doors. The wide selection of adapters ensures that the tube motors can be adapted to all roller doors. The compact motor head can be easily fixed in various positions. Adjusting the end levels is easy, thanks to the convenient access to the adjustment screws.

The motors of the DMI series are equipped with a built-in manual drive system with a crank, which ensures opening and closing of the door in case of absence of power supply. In the absence of access to the room, in the absence of power supply, roller doors DUK-1 with tube motors with a crank are equipped with a cover with a key, under which is the drive mechanism.

Standard motors and radio-controlled motors can be connected to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for operation in the absence of power. Depending on the power of the motor, the uninterruptible power supply provides from three to five operating cycles of the door.

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