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Garage Doors

Garage doors DUK 1

For over 25 years we have been a specialized manufacturer of garage doors and will offer you the most affordable option to meet your needs and requirements.

The perfect solution for your garage

Convenience and safety in use, elegant design, the use of the latest technologies in accordance with European safety standards, as well as a wide range of accessories make the garage doors DUK 1 the ideal solution for your garage.

Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors offer complete convenience, maximum security and optimal space saving. They consist of separate elements, the so-called sections, which are connected by hinges and thus the door can be opened vertically, conveniently folding up to the ceiling without protruding forward and occupying additional space in front of the garage.

Rolling shutters

This type of door is a great choice lined with comfort, security and simple operation. Rolling doors have the option of front mounting in front of or behind the girder, which does not take away from the width or height of the room in which they are installed. Each of our rolling shutters is equipped with strong slats, solid omega steel guides, tires and brushes along the entire vertical of the guides made of high quality materials, ensuring their safety and long service life.

One piece doors

One piece doors consist of a single galvanized door with supporting levers mounted on springs on both sides, which can be operated manually or electrically. Sufficient space must be provided in front of the garage to extend the door leaf forward during opening. Customers who care about economy can take advantage of the good value for money without having to compromise on the attractiveness of the model or individual design.


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