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One piece doors

Гаражни врати тип 'Летящо крило'

As an elegant solution for any garage, one piece garage doors can be used, which are light and comfortable to operate. The doors are made of profiled galvanized steel sheet with polymer powder coating. This type of door has standardized dimensions.

The doors are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest European standards. Compared to similar types of doors from other manufacturers, the doors offer the following advantages.

  • Greater security. The risk of injury is virtually eliminated thanks to the new door and frame sash coatings, improved protection of the corners and edges and the soft strips between the sash and the frame.
  • Perfect protection. The sleeves, which close the spring connections, do not allow contact or accidental grasping of the springs and the moving parts of the lifting mechanism, which is especially useful for the protection of children. The safety of the doors has been checked by TUV.
  • Securing against breakage. In the event of a spring break, the ability to operate the door reliably and safely is maintained.
The doors can be automated and adapted for manual operation of the door in the absence of power supply.

The automation is equipped with additional features such as light signaling, lighting in the area of opening, automatic closing of the door after a certain time, blocking the door by photocells in the presence of an obstacle in the area of movement of the wing, remote control.

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