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Motors and electronics for industry

DUK-1 manufactures and offers all types of industrial doors. In its production, as well as in wholesale and retail warehouses, the company relies on the world leader in automation SIMU France. DUK-1 has been the official representative of SIMU for Bulgaria since 2002. The two companies successfully partner through training and satisfied customers from all countries.

Side Industrial motors SimuBOX, SimuBOX SI

Мотори за промишлени ролетни врати

Thanks to the wide range of motors with torques from 180Nm to 1000Nm, the SIMUBOX family of motors enables the operation of all sizes and types of industrial doors. Depending on the motor, security shutters or large sectional doors can be operated. The motors are mounted sideways on the door shaft and can drive doors weighing up to 825 kg, and when using a chain drive and more.

SIMUBOX motors are available in single-phase or three-phase power supply, and the three-phase motors also have models with a built-in electronic control unit. The motors are equipped with a crank or chain drive system in the event of a power failure. The safety brake required by European standard EN 12604 is integrated in the SIMUBOX SI series motors. It is activated in the event of damage to the mechanical part of the door, interrupting the power supply to the motor and stopping the movement of the shaft. For other industrial motors, DUK-1 offers the necessary safety brakes, as well as other protection and signaling devices.

Tubular motors Т6, Т8, Т9

Tube motors for industrial rolling shutters have a diameter of 60 mm for the T6 / DMI6 series motors, a diameter of 80 mm for the T8 / T8M series motors and a diameter of 89 mm for the T9 / T9M series motors. The power supply of the motors is single-phase or three-phase, the torques are up to 800Nm, allowing the operation of all sizes of roller doors. Installation in the roller door winding shaft is the advantage of tube motors, because the construction of the actuator remains compact and thus preserves the side dimensions of the door.

The wide selection of adapters ensures that the tube motors can be adapted to all roller doors. The adjustment of the end levels is convenient thanks to the easy access to the adjustment screws.

The motors of the DMI6, T8M and T9M series are equipped with a built-in manual crank system, which provides opening and closing of the door in case of absence of power supply. In the absence of access to the room in the absence of power, the roller shutters of DUK-1 with tube motors with a crank can be equipped with a cover with a key, under which the drive mechanism is located.

In accordance with the requirements for door operators in accordance with European standard EN 12453, a safety circuit breaker is installed in the system of limit switches of motors T8, T8M, T9, T9M. The third circuit breaker stops the supply voltage of the motor when the position of the tape measure is outside the limits of the limiters.

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