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Rolling shutters made from steel slats – A1

Steel slats security shutters provide one of the highest levels of protection for objects.

They are made of interconnected horizontal solid steel slats of galvanized sheet steel, which can be painted with electrostatically applied polymer powder coating in a color desired by the customer from the RAL color catalog.

The pano of the security tape is made of profiled lamellas, which end with a special reinforced threshold lamella. There are two sizes of slats: wide – 105 mm and narrow – 77 mm. Locking systems locks can be mounted on the threshold lamella, which can be with secret or cash keys.

The pano can be attached and moved in two types of guides. The first type is a type P guide with a sheet thickness of 2 mm and a depth of 50, 60 or 100 mm. The second is an Omega-type guide, which is bilaterally bent and reinforced. This guide has a depth of 70 millimeters or 100 millimeters, has brushes and an eraser, which provides better sealing and silent movement of the tape measure.

DUK 1 uses in its production the highest class spring-drum mechanism for balanced weight of rolling shutters. Drums with plastic tips and bushings for maximum noise reduction. For all soy products we offer warranty and out-of-warranty service.

The rolling shutters can be driven automatically with a built-in electric motor in the roller shutter, and in case of power failure there is a possibility for manual control. Possible protections and extras: lighting in the area of the opening, protective photocells, protective threshold rubber with sensors.


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